Class II Transformers and Power Supplies

Class II transformers and power supplies in a plastic housing for DIN-rail installing.

  • These products can be fixed to a wall. For this purpose we can supply on request a cover for the input clamps as well as a wall fixing set containing 2 special screws and 2 dowels.
  • The products who comply with EN60742 are also in conformity with the new standard EN64558 and are shipped in a heat resistant ABS plastic housing.
  • The products who comply with EN 60950 have a housing of self-estinguishing NORYL plastic.
  • The transformers in the 3M-housing are protected against overload and short-circuit by a PTC. On request they can be protected by a thermal fuse.
  • The unregulated AC/DC transformers and power supplies in the 5M e 8M housing are protected by a fuse 5×20 seated in an external, extractable fuse holder. On request, these devices can be protected by a PTC or a thermal fuse.
  • The regulated AC/DC power supplies (switching) are protected electronically. They comply with the EMC directives EN 50081-2 and EN 55022/B.

Customized product. Our technical deparment is always ready to develop transformers and power supplies on your request. For maximum rating, please see table below.

Technical details



Input / Output Case Code
230/12 VAC 12VA 3M TBD2/012.12/P DETAILS
230/24 VAC 12VA 3M TBD2/012.24/P DETAILS
230/12 VAC 18VA 3M TBD2/018.12/P DETAILS
230/24 VAC 18VA 3M TBD2/018.24/P DETAILS
230/12 VAC 20VA 3M TBD2/020.12/P DETAILS
230/24 VAC 20VA 3M TBD2/020.24/P DETAILS
230/12 VAC 12VA 5M TBD2/012.12/F DETAILS
230/24 VAC 12VA 5M TBD2/012.24/F DETAILS
230/18 VAC 12VA 5M TBD2/018.12/F DETAILS
230/24 VAC 18VA 5M TBD2/018.24/F DETAILS
230/12 VAC 24VA 5M TBD2/024.12/F DETAILS
230/24 VAC 24VA 5M TBD2/024.24/F DETAILS
230/12 VAC 35VA 5M TBD2/035.12/F DETAILS
230/24 VAC 35VA 5M TBD2/035.24/F DETAILS
230/12 VAC 50VA 8M TBD2/050.12/F DETAILS
230/24 VAC 50VA 8M TBD2/050.24/F DETAILS
230/12 VAC 63VA 8M TBD2/063.12/F DETAILS
230/24 VAC 63VA 8M TBD2/063.24/F DETAILS
230/12 VAC 75VA 8M TBD2/075.12/F DETAILS
230/24 VAC 75VA 8M TBD2/075.24/F DETAILS


Input / Output Case Code
230/12 VdcR 0,5A 5M TBD2/AL.0050.12/F DETAILS
230/24 VdcR 0,5A 5M TBD2/AL.0050.24/F DETAILS
230/12 VdcR 1,0A 5M TBD2/AL.0100.12/F DETAILS
230/24 VdcR 1,0A 8M TBD2/AL.0100.24/F DETAILS
230/12 VdcR 2,0A 8M TBD2/AL.0200.12/F DETAILS


Input / Output Case Code
230/12 VdcR 0,5A 5M TBD2/AR050.12 DETAILS
230/24 VdcR 0,5A 8M TBD2/AR050.24 DETAILS
230/12 VdcR 1,0A 8M TBD2/AR100.12 DETAILS
90-260/24 VdcR 15W 3M TBD2/AS062.24 DETAILS
90-260/12 VdcR 15W 3M TBD2/AS125.12 DETAILS
90-260/24 VdcR 24W 5M TBD2/AS100.24 DETAILS
90-260/12 VdcR 24W 5M TBD2/AS200.12 DETAILS
90-260/24 VdcR 48W 8M TBD2/AS200.24 DETAILS
90-260/12 VdcR 36W 8M TBD2/AS300.12 DETAILS
90-260/12 VdcR 48W 8M TBD2/AS400.12 DETAILS
90-260/24 VdcR 60W 8M TBD2/AS250.24 DETAILS
90-260/12 VdcR 60W 8M TBD2/AS500.12 DETAILS
90-260/24 VdcR 72W 8M TBD2/AS300.24 DETAILS
90-260/24 VdcR 96W 8M TBD2/AS400.24 DETAILS