KINV Switching Series Inverter

Inverter 12/24 Vdc – 230 Vac

The inverters of the Kinv series are new inverters which use switching technology, the weight and size of which are extremely limited. They use ABS containers, are very reliable and suitable for multiple uses for example for operating scales, lights, etc. They use sophisticated electronic components which give the inverters high reliability.

They have a stabilized and protected output against overloading.

Technical details

Power VA VI Vdc Code
350 11÷14 KINV 0K35/12 DETAILS
350 20÷30 KINV 0K35/24 DETAILS
600 11÷14 KINV 0K6/12 DETAILS
600 20÷30 KINV 0K6/24 DETAILS
1000 11÷14 KINV 1K/12 DETAILS
1000 20÷30 KINV 1K/24 DETAILS
2500 11÷14 KINV 2K5/12 DETAILS
2500 20÷30 KINV 2K5/24 DETAILS